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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Conserving Energy at Home

As people continue to learn more about climate change and humanity's impact on the environment, homeowners are beginning to look for more ways in which they can reduce their ...
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Sustainable Food Packaging: How Can Companies Reduce Waste?

Eco-friendly packaging is a relatively new frontier in the packaging industry, but it's definitely the way of the future and a way to preserve our future. Brands can benefit from ...
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5 Ways to Conserve Water at home in Florida

In Florida, water is a unique resource that interconnects the economy and the environment. Florida is a state surrounded by many waterways and is hugged by oceans, streams, lakes, ...
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Florida Xeriscaping: Water Conservation With Landscaping

When you hear the term xeriscape, you may picture a landscape of rocks and gravel, with a few hardy bushes or cacti in a vast, dry desert. While it is true that the hallmarks of ...
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